Pond Consulting

I started my fish hatchery in 1974 and have designed and engineered my entire facility.  I am a carpenter, electrician and plumber by trade.  Therefore, I have been able to incorporate these additional skills along with the skills I have developed in Aquaculture in my design and consulting techniques.

I believe that all ponds should be built so that they can be drained, if at all possible.  Being able to adjust your water level or completely eliminate all water is a very valuable tool in managing any pond.  I have developed several different ways in which this can be done.  The different ways are used for different sizes of ponds, water flows, and ultimate use of the ponds.

Sometimes it is possible to have an additional source of water other than run-off.  This is very beneficial and I have designed several pumping systems to make this feasible.

Most of the time, it is possible to assist pond owners who are having a problem with their ponds with a consultation over the phone.  Sometimes you need to bring in a specimen for me to examine and/or identify.  There is no charge for this service, but as a courtesy, we would like to be able to serve your needs in the future.  In some cases, I do have a commercial pesticide applicators license (in the State of Iowa), which allows me to apply restricted chemicals to aquaculture.  In other cases, I can just advise you how to apply it. I also have a scientific collector’s license, which allows me to use my sein to assist in managing your pond (in the state of Iowa).  There is a $200 minimum charge for these services.