Custom Docks For Sale

Floating Dock - All Treated Lumber - No need to remove in winter. Delivered and installed.

Docks can be shipped.

  1. dock_people_sm
  2. 2013-frey-ladies-on-deck
  3. It's here in Georgetown!

  4. Georgetown Colorado has two docks in their City Lake. Beth says, they are full of people every week and they just love them!

  5. party-dock-01-500

    Party Dock

  6. Party Dock

  7. party-dock-02-500

    Party Dock

  8. Party Dock

    Party Dock

  9. Party Dock

    Party Dock

  10. long-reach-party-dock-2016-01

    Long Reach Party Dock

  11. long-reach-party-dock-2016-02
  12. long-reach-party-dock-2016-03
  13. Party Dock Installed

    Party Dock Installed

  14. Party Dock - Different Options.

  15. dock_large_sm

    Example of a large-size dock.

  16. dock_small_sm

    Example of one of our smaller docks.

  17. Box3

    Built in dock storage under seating.

  18. Built in deck storage under seating.

    Built in dock storage under seating - opened.

  19. 2013-deck

    Mini Model Dock

  20. spook-cave-2016-09
  21. Mini Dock with Grandparents Package

  22. kuhns-dock-2016-01

    Mini Dock with Grandparents Package

  23. kuhns-dock-2016-02

    Mini Dock with Grandparents Package

  24. 003_OOD_0105_sm

    This dock features a gate and 3rd railing for grandchildren safety

  25. deck1a_sm
  26. deck1b_sm
  27. deck3b_sm
  28. Mega_Dock

    Mega Dock

  29. Mega_Dock2

    Mega Dock

  30. mini-mega-dock-2016-09-01

    Mega Dock - Smaller Version

  31. mini-mega-dock-2016-09-02
  32. Dog Ramp

    Dog Ramp

  33. Swales
  34. Gate

    Dock with gate

  35. deck_June11
  36. open-front-party-dock-2016
  37. Grims3

    Mini Dock

  38. Dock Steps

    Dock Steps

  39. Dog Ramp

    Dog Ramp

  40. Composite Dock

    Composite Dock

  41. Becky's Dock in Alabama

  42. Hi Jim, I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much we LOVE the dock! We've had our parents out to visit, we've sat out and watched fireflies on the pond, we've fished and it is our new favorite place to look at the stars. It will be the perfect place for us to celebrate the longest day of the year tomorrow. It was a pleasure to meet Russel and family and watch them work together. What a wonderful family you have! Warm wishes, Heather

  43. Composite Mega Dock (smaller version)

  44. Small Dock with Open Front

  45. Party Dock with Wrap Around

  46. Gang Plank Landing

We are ready to build one for you!