Aerators for Sale

Aeration is a life insurance policy for your fish
...from the smallest pond to the
biggest, designed exclusively for you!

FW180 aerator in action. This unit draws water from lower areas to create circulation and prevent stratification. 3 Acres Plus

Aeration for your pond.  Jim has developed his own unique system for pond aeration.  These aerators not only add oxygen but also create a current to eliminate stagnant areas in your water. It is important to aerate 365 days a year to prevent winter kill and pond turnovers in the summer.

Easy Installation - It floats!
Affordable life insurance for your fish
Remember:  It's not the initial cost of the aerator, it's the years you lose fishing if you have a "fish kill."


Pond Aerator FW 40. 1 /1/2 - 3 Acres

Pond Aerator FW 20. 3/4 - 1 Acre

Two Stone Aerator Small ponds up to 3/4 of an Acre.

Very nice air aerator for the price keeps my pond thawed and my fish alive. Pretty much maintenance free.

These ponds are side by side. The only difference is aeration. Remember vegetation does not like moving water. My aerators move the water from the bottom to the top and around and around in a circle.